Speed Camera Enforcement Program

New Carrollton Departments Safe School Speed Enforcement Program

The New Carrollton Police Departments Safe Schools Speed Enforcement Program was launched on October 1st, 2009, to increase safety in school zones. The New Carrollton Police Department has placed automated speed enforcement cameras throughout the City in order to reduce instances of speeding and motor vehicle/pedestrian accidents.

The hours of operation for school zone enforcement are: 6 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday.

A "school zone" is an area within a half-mile radius of any school established by the City, Prince George's County and the State Highway Administration, pursuant to the Maryland Transportation Code 21-803.1.

Violators must be traveling at least 12 mph over the posted speed limit for the cameras to activate. The citations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle and carry a $40 fine and no points. The citations are not reported to insurance companies. The vehicle owner may elect to pay the fine or contest the citation in court. If the vehicle owner fails to pay the fine or appear in court, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will be notified and the vehicle's registration will be flagged, preventing the renewal of its registration plates.

Enforcement locations are published on the Police Department's website, Facebook page and in a newspaper of record. Additionally, speed enforcement signs have been placed on each roadway with automated speed enforcement cameras prior to automated speed enforcement beginning. Vehicles traveling twelve (12) or more miles per hour over the posted speed limit will cause a proposed violation to be generated. A police officer reviews the proposed violation and if the proposed violation is consistent with the state law the officer will approve the violation, and a citation, to include the vehicle's speed and photographs is generated. This citation is mailed to the owner of the vehicle. The citation explains how to pay a violation or how to request a hearing in court. Fines are $40, and do not involve points on a driver's record or insurance penalties.

Senate Bill 350 Speed Monitoring Systems Reform Act of 2014, which became effective June 1, 2014, stipulates

"A local jurisdiction that authorizes a program of speed monitoring systems shall designate an official or employee to investigate and respond to questions or concerns about the local jurisdiction's speed monitoring system program."

The city of New Carrollton has designated Mr. D. Enig as the ombudsman.
Ombudsman is defined as "a government official who hears and investigates complaints by private citizens."

Mr. Enig can be contacted via:



Speed Camera Ombudsman D. Enig
6016 Princess Garden Parkway
New Carrollton, Maryland 20784

Ombudsman D. Enig
Administrator: Captain M. Butler

Speed Monitoring Systems will be conducted throughout the following locations

The city will move the three cameras around five zones, each of which surrounds an elementary school.

The schools that will be affected by the cameras are:

  • Carrollton Elementary School
  • Lamont Elementary School
  • Margaret Brent Regional School
  • Robert Frost Elementary School
  • Charles Carroll Middle School

The cameras can be moved depending on traffic volume and resident complaints.

The main thoroughfares within the zones are:

  • Westbrook Drive from Legation Road to Lamont Drive
  • Lamont Drive from Riverdale Road to Good Luck Road
  • Good Luck Road from Auburn Road to the I-495 overpass
  • Carrollton Parkway from Longbranch Drive to 85th Place
  • Riverdale Road from Lamont Drive to Mahoney Drive