City Park Revitalization Master Plan

Improving the quality of life for the city residents continues to be a priority for the city as well, and a crucial component of the economic revitalization effort Is a strategy to update the city parks. Well-designed and maintained parks offer the city a variety of benefits. Park spaces can provide recreational opportunities, encourage healthy lifestyles, and help strengthen the sense of community and place by providing amenities that encourage interactions between residents. Improved city parks can also aid economic development efforts by increasing property value and attracting visitors to the city shops and restaurants. The city can also become greater stewards of the Chesapeake Bay and the environment in general by improving its parks. Park vegetation can help mitigate air and water pollution, reduce erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife. Park spaces, with well-placed education signs, can also offer the chance for people to learn about and connect with nature, which can encourage them to become stewards of the environment.

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