Animal Control


animal control patch

To prevent cruelty, abuse, and neglect of animals in the City of New Carrollton by enforcing all county and city ordinances. To educate the public on all animal issues, to foster a more aware and caring community. To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the City’s residents and animals.


Citizen Responsibilities

  • Confine your pets to your property. Use a leash to control dogs and cats away from home.
  • Dogs, cats, and ferrets over 4 months of age must be vaccinated against rabies. Register dogs and cats as vaccinated through the licensing program with the Prince George’s County Animal Services Department.
  • Maintain the City clean by picking up after their pets.
  • Report animals in danger, creating a nuisance, or threatening the well-being of a citizen.
  • Contact the Department of Natural Resources for nuisance wildlife.

Animal Control Responsibilities

  • To investigate complaints of animal abuse and neglect.
  • To respond to allegations of nuisance animals including animals at large or causing noise disturbance.
  • To impound stray animals and transport them to the County’s shelter.
  • To respond to sick or injured Wildlife complaints
  • To educate the City’s residents on all animal issues through social media and community events

Lost or Found Animals

If you are missing a pet, please leave a message at 301-459-0142 or email Nelly Ortiz. Describe your pet as best you can, let us know how to contact you, and email a picture of your pet to Animal Control. The City’s Animal Control Officer helps reunite lost pets with their family. Animals found and impounded as strays within the City of New Carrollton are impounded and transported to the Prince George’s County Animal Shelter.

We encourage pet owners to microchip and place a collar with tags on their pets at all times. The City of New Carrollton Animal Control offers microchip services for City residents. A low-cost clinic for microchips and vaccines will be hosted annually during the spring or fall season as weather permits. Follow the City’s social media sites for announcements or email Nelly Ortiz with inquiries.