My car or truck was impounded from a shopping center parking lot. Whom do I contact about getting it back?

Private property owners have the lawful right to remove vehicles from their property, which they feel have been abandoned, or violate their property management rules. Many apartment complexes and retail shopping centers within the City of New Carrollton employ the use of contract towing services to impound vehicles from their property.The police department does not regulate these types of "private impounds," and has no involvement in the release of vehicles impounded under these circumstances.

If you think your vehicle was towed from private property, you should contact the property owner or management company to inquire which towing company has possession of your vehicle.

(In most cases, the property will be posted with signs indicating the name of the authorized towing service and their telephone number.)

If you are unable to locate the property owner or their agent, you can call the New Carrollton City Police Department, and we will assist you in determining which company towed your vehicle and why.

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