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Portable Storage Container / Temporary Structure Permit

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  3. Provisions of the City of New Carrollton Code of Ordinances, Chapter 66-3x apply to all storage containers and temporary structures.  

    ATTN:  The rate for a pod storage unit is $100 for the 30-day period.

    In residential zones one portable storage container, or temporary structure, shall be allowed on a lot, and for no longer than a total of thirty (30) days in any consecutive twelve-month period. The portable storage container, or temporary structure, must be placed a minimum of six feet from the property line. Any portable storage container, or temporary structure, shall not exceed eight feet in height, eight feet in width and sixteen (16) feet in length. On a commercially zoned site, more than one portable storage container may be permitted by the City for good cause shown, but only in conjunction with development or redevelopment of such commercial property.

    Maintenance: All portable storage containers shall be maintained in a condition free from rust, peeling paint and other visible forms of deterioration.

    The permit shall be displayed on the exterior of the portable storage container, or temporary structure, at all times.

    Storage containers and dumpsters may not be placed on city streets or sidewalks. All containers must be in a driveway or placed on the property. Any container placed on a street is subject to removal by the city.

    Your permit will be emailed to you by a city official. The permit will expire in thirty days.

    ATTN:  POD Storage cost is $100.00

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