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Mini Pantry/Little Free Pantry

                                               MINI-PANTRY/LITTLE FREE PANTRY STRUCTURES



Small boxes that house food and other grocery/household items that are based on a “give what you can, take what you need” principle are known as Little Free Pantries and are considered an accessory use.  Prince George’s County has zoning authority within the Washington Regional District, which encompasses the City of New Carrollton.  Accordingly, any such structure must comply with applicable Prince George’s County zoning regulations and permit requirements.

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By submiting this application, I acknowledge that: I have read the above Regulations, I understand the Regulations and I accept the terms and conditions contained therein.  I further agree that I shall erect the Mini-pantry on my property in the location identified on the site plan/plat that I will submit to the New Carrollton Code Enforcement Department in accordance with the Regulations.  I further authorize City of New Carrollton Code Enforcement Officers to enter my property for the sole purpose of inspecting the Structure and its contents to ensure it is being maintained and used in accordance with the Regulations.  And, I understand that I am solely responsible for the operations of the mini-pantry and that I will indemnify the City from and against any and all actions brought against it relating to the operation of my mini-pantry.



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