Mosquito Control

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Update: The Maryland Department of Agriculture will not be conducting the adult mosquito spray program this season.

The Mosquito Control Section of the Maryland Department of Agriculture provides a direct service to approximately 2,100 communities in 16 Maryland counties. The primary goal of this program is to prevent the occurrence of mosquito-borne disease in humans, pets and livestock. Mosquito control is an economic necessity in some parts of Maryland dependent on outdoor tourism during the summer. The program relies on surveys and monitoring of the larval and adult mosquito populations to coordinate control activities. Control techniques include breeding source reduction, public education, biological control and insecticide applications from aircraft or ground equipment.

To find out more, call Mosquito Control at 410-841-5870.

The City of New Carrollton participates in this program. The program has already begun with larvacide treatment of woodland pools and other areas of permanent standing water. The spraying for mosquitoes begins May 27, 2020 and runs through September 2020. New Carrollton is scheduled to be sprayed on Thursday evenings. Spraying will occur every 3 to 4 weeks, as needed. You may see mosquito traps (with a blinking light), placed on public property throughout the City. The count of mosquitoes found in these traps determines the frequency of spraying. Complaints, questions or an exclusion form can be found on the State of Maryland Department of Agriculture's website (or by clicking this link).

Zika Awareness & Prevention


The Zika virus is spread primarily through the bite of certain species of infected Aedes mosquitos, though recent developments indicate it can also be sexually transmitted. The best way to avoid the Zika virus is to prevent mosquito bites. And the best way to avoid bites is to eliminate areas where these mosquitoes lay their eggs. These areas are called "breeding sites." This webpage is designed to provide residents, homeowners and organizations with simple ways to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and avoid mosquito bites.
Gov. Larry Hogan declared April 24-30, 2016 Zika Awareness Week to urge people to stay informed and to provide information about how to avoid the Zika Virus before mosquitoes come out in full force. Although the week is over, the time for action is now! Mosquitoes generally start coming out in Maryland in May.
For more information on the Zika Virus, please click this link.
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